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PillCam® SB 3

PillCam SB 3 builds on Given Imaging’s unique expertise and collaborative efforts as an industry leader in capsule endoscopy — including more than 2 million uses of PillCam capsules in patients worldwide, more than 1,900 clinical studies, and the most extensive library of pathologies.
Innovative technology in this next-generation capsule endoscopy system addresses clinical demands for more detailed images, more tissue coverage and more efficient interpretation. It also offers patients the convenience and comfort of a minimally invasive test.


Compared to previous generations of PillCam SB, PillCam SB 3 offers:

  • More detail—redesigned and optimized optics deliver exceptional images of the mucosa and greater diagnostic confidence
  • More coverage—adaptive frame rate technology allows the system to sense when the capsule is moving quickly and automatically increases the image capture rate from 2 to 6 frames per second
  • More efficiency—the system’s significantly improved video processing engine enables even smarter video compilation, which can reduce the time you need to review and interpret your capsule endoscopy studies
Each component of the PillCam SB 3 system - capsule, RAPID for PillCam software, PillCam recorder DR3, and PillCam sensor belt SB3 - has been fine-tuned to work in concert. Together, they vastly improve image quality, tissue coverage and interpretation efficiency.
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    RAPID® for PillCam Software v8.0

    Proprietary algorithms in the new RAPID for PillCam software enable even smarter video compilation that is 40% more efficient than with PillCam SB 2.

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    PillCam® Recorder DR3

    The PillCam recorder DR3 is a central component of the PillCam SB 3 system. It actively communicates with the capsule throughout the procedure and has the ability to display real-time images.

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    PillCam® Sensor Belt SB3

    The PillCam sensor belt SB3 is more comfortable and convenient for the patient than the traditional sensor array. The sensors incorporated within the belt eliminate the need for adhesive sensor sleeves and reduce patient preparation time and equipment maintenance.