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PillCam Capsule Endoscopy



PillCam® Recorder

The PillCam recorder is a small portable recording device that communicates with the PillCam capsules as the capsule passes through the GI tract. The recorder is placed in the recorder pouch which is attached to the the sensor belt and worn around the patient’s waist. After the procedure the data is downloaded from the PillCam recorder for physician review.

PillCam® Sensor Belt

The sensor belt is a comfortable belt worn around the patient’s waist over clothing. It employs easy-fasten straps for quick adjustment and removal. The sensors incorporated within the belt eliminate the need for inconvenient adhesive sensor sleeves and reduce patient prep time and equipment maintenance.

RAPID® Real-time Viewer

RAPID Real-time viewer is a handheld device that enables real-time viewing during a PillCam procedure. The handheld device also contains the complete RAPID Reader software.