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PillCam Capsule Endoscopy

What Your Patient Can Expect PillCam COLON Procedure

PillCam® COLON uses a small, wireless camera contained in an easy-to-swallow and disposable capsule the size of a vitamin.  This small camera transmits images to a data recorder, worn on the patient’s belt, as PillCam COLON travels naturally through the gastrointestinal tract. During the exam, the patient is fully awake with no need for sedation. 
Preparation for the PillCam COLON procedure is similar to traditional colonoscopy. The day prior to the exam, the patient maintains a liquid diet and takes laxatives the night before the procedure.
The following morning, the patient arrives at the physician’s office, where they are prepared for the exam. This includes attaching the sensor array or sensor belt to the patient’s abdomen and the data recorder to a belt around the patient’s waist. After this, the patient will be given a glass of water to help swallow the vitamin-sized pill and up to an additional three cups of cleansing agents during the procedure.
Sedation is not required for PillCam COLON, so patients can leave the clinic or office after ingestion.  The regimen manager provides easy to follow visual and auditory alerts to ensure patient compliance with physician instructions and enables patients to complete the procedure outside of the clinic.
After six to twelve hours the procedure will be complete. At that time, the data recorder and sensors can be returned. The pill passes naturally with a bowel movement usually within 24 hours.  Images are downloaded from the data recorder by the physician to a computer with proprietary RAPID software for review.