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ManoScan HRM

ManoView Software

The ManoView software provides an intuitive suite of manometry study tools, enabling physicians to effectively identify motility disorders. Advanced tools yield precise measurement and comprehensive data analysis.
Chicago Classification1 Analysis Option
  •  Reduces manual analysis time
  • Analyzes according to most recent consensus standards
  • Provides automatic findings on report
  • Increases confidence in manometry analysis
  • Brings clinical standardization to high resolution manometry, independent of facility size and experience
Anatomical profile display includes graphical pointers to identify landmarks including LES, UES and PIP. The eSleeve function instantly measures and ensures sphincter barrier pressures are correctly recorded despite movement of the LES/EGJ during swallowing.

1Bredenoord AJ, Fox M, Kahrilas PJ, Pandolfino JE, Schwizer W, Smout AJPM. Chicago Classification Criteria of Esophageal Motility Disorders Defined in High Resolution Esophageal Pressure Topography. Neurogastroenterol Motil 2012:27(1):57-65.