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PillCam® Help Center

Software Instructional Videos

These software instructional videos demonstrate actual procedures with using RAPID for PillCam software v8.0 and are designed to walk you step-by-step through common tasks when using RAPID software v8.0.

Upgrading RAPID for PillCam Software

This instructional video is designed to familiarize users of RAPID® for PillCam® software versions 6 and 7 with the differences in version 8. This video covers the new layout and additional functions of the upgraded software. It is strongly recommended that any user familiar with previous versions of RAPID for PillCam software view this video as they are upgrading to RAPID v8.

RAPID for PillCam Software Overview

This instructional video shows a general overview for new users of RAPID® for PillCam® software v8. It starts with a general review of the PillCam capsule endoscopy procedure and how RAPID software fits into the procedure. Then, it gives an overview of the main screen and functions of RAPID software v8.

Patient Check-in for PillCam SB Procedure

This instructional video demonstrates how to check-in a patient for a PillCam® procedure using RAPID® for PillCam software v8. Patient check-in is performed prior to the patient ingesting the PillCam capsule. This video covers both manual entry of patient information as well as automatic entry by importing data from an electronic medical records system.

Downloading & Creating a PillCam Video

This instructional video shows three different options to download a study from the PillCam® recorder, including single-step, transferring the raw data and compiling the study at a later time, and compiling a study from a removable storage device.

Managing PillCam Studies

This instructional video shows the functionality for managing studies in RAPID® for PillCam® software v8. Features covered include accessing, viewing, searching, exporting, de-identifying and sharing studies, reports and other study information. The video trains the user to use the Study Manager and shows the main options available for managing studies, files and reports associated with PillCam capsule endoscopy videos.

Previewing & Reviewing a PillCam SB Study

This instructional video demonstrates the recommended procedure for a healthcare professional to preview and review a PillCam SB study. This video walks the viewer through the process of previewing, including setting landmarks and capturing thumbnails. Additionally, the video demonstrates the different review modes and how to create thumbnails, comments and annotations for inclusion in a report. This video is a natural place to start for physicians and medical professionals who want an overview of the recommended procedure for reviewing PillCam SB studies.

RAPID for PillCam Software Settings

This video explains how to configure the settings for RAPID® for PillCam® software v8. It provides all the information needed to configure RAPID software for your organization prior to first use, and for making changes to settings in general. Settings allow you to change your logo and organization name for reports, default directories, languages, templates and physician names, and enable or disable features.

Creating and Annotating Thumbnails in RAPID for PillCam Software

This instructional video shows users of RAPID® for PillCam® software v8 how to capture thumbnails and add comments, markings and annotations. In addition, it covers adding thumbnails to a report and comparing thumbnails. The video trains the user to use the thumbnail functions and shows the main options available when using this software feature in View and Report modes.

Creating a Report in RAPID for PillCam Software

This instructional video shows the user how to create a report using RAPID® for PillCam® software v8, after previewing and reviewing the study. It demonstrates how to select and annotate thumbnails, use the Atlas, and create a Lewis Score. It then shows the different ways a report can be created and sent to others.
Report creation is the last step after reviewing a video.