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Who We Are

What We Believe

At Given Imaging, we are driven by our core values. We strive to build our business not only on the products we deliver but also on the trust we build with patients, physicians and the community.

We believe information is power, especially when it comes to making health decisions.

New medical technology is constantly emerging and we are excited to be a part of this era of innovation. To ensure healthcare providers are armed with all of information needed to make the best decisions for their patients, we work continuously to develop and provide innovative solutions that provide valuable information.

We believe in looking at needs in a unique way to create innovative solutions that meet those needs.

Innovation isn’t just an idealistic goal. It’s our driving force and passion. We continuously look at ways to create innovative solutions for the gastrointestinal tract that meet the needs of physicians and patients.

We believe in the power of asking “What If?”.

We pioneered capsule endoscopy by asking, "What if a physician could visualize a patient’s GI tract by having them simply swallow a pill-sized camera?" We provided a way to wirelessly measure pH levels with Bravo pH monitoring by asking, "What if patients had less invasive options for standard monitoring procedures?" We created PillCam SB by asking, "What if a physician could monitor the progression of a patient with Crohn’s to decide on a management option?"

Questions like these have driven our progress in the past and push our development for the future. We are proud that our team members continuously look to identify patient needs and create innovative solutions that drive change.

We believe building and maintaining trust isn’t something to be taken lightly.

Day-in and day-out we focus on providing trustworthy solutions that consistently live-up to their expectations. We are committed to responsible adherence of regulatory requirements and providing support to our customers.

We believe in teamwork and creating an environment conducive for innovative idea creation and career development.

Not only are we are proud of the accomplishments of each of our employees, we admire the integrity in which our employees conduct their work. We are dedicated to creating a diverse environment that embraces individual strengths and backgrounds.

We believe supporting the community isn’t just a responsibility, it’s an honor.

From participating in global disease awareness initiatives to donating computers to local schools, we are honored to support community events around the world.