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PillCam® Help Center

PillCam Help Center

The PillCam Help Center provides information, training resources and support for RAPID® for PillCam software v8.0 as well as the entire PillCam system. The PillCam Help Center features the most up-to-date versions of software downloads, instructional videos and a complete library of all reference materials including information on RAPID v8.0. The interactive PillCam recorder DR3 simulator is also available within the PillCam Help Center to help you train your patients on how to use the PillCam recorder once they leave your office.

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    RAPID for PillCam Software Instructional Videos

    These software instructional videos demonstrate actual procedures using RAPID® for PillCam® software v8 and are designed to walk you step-by-step through common tasks when using RAPID software v8.


    PillCaimage descriptionm Recorder DR3 Simulator

    The interactive PillCam recorder DR3 simulator allows you to train your patients on how to use the recorder before they leave your office. The simulator is a tool that can assist the healthcare provider in instructing the patient on how to interact with alerts and messages from the recorder. By training your patients on how to use the recorder prior to leaving the office, they will have a greater understanding of what is required of them during the procedure.

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    Download Center

    Download the latest software updates, documentation and related files for your Given Imaging software. 

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    Additional Resources

    From this page you can view, print or download related quick reference guides, patient instructions and the product user manual.