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Learning Resources

CME Opportunities

Browse this page to find sites that offer online Continuing Medical Education (CME) programs related to gastroenterology disorders.

Endoscopic Evaluation of Crohn Disease from Medscape Education Gastroenterology

By Bret Lashner, MD, MPH

This activity is intended for gastroenterologists, primary care physicians, general internists, and other clinicians involved in the care of patients with Crohn disease.




Capsule Endoscopy Module, now available on the ACG Education Universe

Capsule endoscopy has become an essential tool for the assessment of occult or obscure GI bleeding and has growing recognition for its use in IBD and additional indications. Enhance your ability to read capsule endoscopy studies with ACG's new Capsule Endoscopy Module. The module provides video presentations and cases from leading experts on applications of capsule endoscopy along with how to read studies. Build your competency in the proper use and interpretation of study results. Sign in and you will find the Capsule Endoscopy Module under the content tab.




Advances in CE from Medscape Education Gastroenterology

By Shabana F. Pasha, MD, Jonathan A Leighton, MD

This activity is intended for gastroenterologists and radiologists (primary) and surgeons (secondary).

Advances in Capsule Endoscopy from Medscape Education Gastroenterology