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PillCam Capsule Endoscopy


The RAPID Software Suite enables efficient management of PillCam capsule endoscopy studies from initiation, through review and analysis, to report generation. The RAPID Software Suite, now in its 7th generation, includes RAPID, RAPID Access, and RAPID Reader. With solutions for every capsule endoscopy workflow, the RAPID Software Suite provides multiple reading modes, advanced analysis features that aid in image interpretation, intuitive report generation, convenient study management, and network connectivity.



RAPID software attests to Given Imaging's record of market-responsive innovation by providing superior visualization, enhanced workflow productivity, proven clinical value and flexible integration solutions, facilitating capsule endoscopy procedures in daily clinical practice.


RAPID® Access v7

RAPID Access enables PillCam capsule endoscopy study management to be performed in a network environment, as it can be installed on a facility's existing computer. RAPID Access supports a variety of customized workflow models to best suit the facility's unique needs, including import of patient demographic data and export of procedure reports, in addition to accessing network resources such as storage drives and printers.


RAPID® Reader v7 Download

RAPID Reader v7 improves patient access to PillCam procedures and provides workflow flexibility and interpretation of RAPID videos when installed on a computer away from the main RAPID workstation.


RAPID Help Documents

The RAPID Help documents are a resource to help with the RAPID software with print-ready documents such as patient instructions.


RAPID Report Templates

This download includes an upgrade for the RAPID report templates for RAPID / RAPID Reader software versions 6.3/6.5/7 and replaces the current report templates with new and improved layout and formatting which will make the report easier to read and use. The four report templates currently installed on your RAPID system will be replaced by eight new templates: a set of four templates.